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October 23-24

July 21, 2017 Xcelerate Summit

Things are a changin’ … Social Media is how employers and employees are finding jobs and people! You need to know where your prospective employees are looking.

Indeed, seems to a big one!  There are others, but this is one that is dominating the market. The days of posting expensive ads are over. Many ads placed in the newspaper are smaller and refer employees to their websites. You need to think about the age & skill set of the staff you are attracting or want to attract. They are not picking up the newspaper – they are blogging and doing online searches!

How about Glass Door … are you familiar with this one? Employees post their opinions about their experience with employers.  What if you have negative reports? It impacts your ability to attract prospective employees. Employees are looking for a chance to grow their skills, work permanently, have benefits, and support their families! Like the housing market it is an employees’ market and you need to be prepared.

I have heard over and over again this summer that no one seems to want to work! Not true; they do! Employers need to find out what motivates them.

How about interviewing? Are the right questions being asked? Behavioural based questions demonstrate the absence or presence of a skill. Don’t ask questions like “Are you organized”?  Instead say, “Give me an example of time when you had a busy day with lots of priorities and tell me how you organized yourself? What tools did you use? How did you manage interruptions?”  Now that will tell you if they are organized. (Or not.)

Learn about social media and recruitment and how to ask the right questions to ensure you are getting the fit you need. It is an important investment in your business so devote the time!

See you in October.

Take your business to Hire Ground!

 Susan Keast

Career Broker

Join Susan Keast in her breakout session, “Because it is 2017! Recruitment Strategies for Today’s Business” on Wednesday October 25th from 10am-11am! Read more about her breakout session here.



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