3 Days / 40+ Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 19-22, 2021


Workshops will be focused on the streams so that they are most relevant to where your business is now, but you always have the choice to participate in any session offered. Stay tuned as lineup details are announced for 2021.




Oct 20th │11:00am

Attracting employees in a turbulent labour market.

Geneviève Lagacé-Gore & Janice Leroux

The pandemic has certainly forced companies to shift their recruitment and employee benefits strategies. Join us to learn more about how to develop a sound recruitment strategy and a best practice approach to optimize your selection results. Learn about the proactive benefits solutions that will elevate your offering during these challenging times.

Oct 20th │11:00am

How to Increase Resilience Through Connection


Join the creators of Triad Group of Companies and The Big Blue Door Virtual Workspace to learn how an experiment in interdependence and intuition has resulted in personal and business growth. Your client’s love you and you love them. You have colleagues you respect and a mentor or coach that you trust. You feel connected in many ways, after all, your ability to connect is a clear factor in your success over the years since you were a start up. Now, it is time to change things up. You want to grow and not sure you can take on anymore ‘new’ or ‘time saving’ changes. When people have reached the edges of their resilience, it is common to find ways to isolate and recuperate. Instead, it is time to connect, in new and more creative ways. It is time to release some of the thinking that has driven your success so far. In this workshop, you will discover:

  • How independence is your gateway to inter-dependence
  • Which success habits to keep, add, and toss during your growth phase
  • How to embrace flexibility through boundaries
  • How Triad uses their ‘Piece of Cake’ policy to form an amazing team

Oct 20th │11:00am

Should SMEs focus on domestic trade in a post-Covid era?

World Trade Centre Toronto

This panel discussion will explore the pros & cons of exports, international sourcing and the current hurdles SMEs are facing as their emerge from the pandemic. The panel will discuss potential solutions to support SMEs in their growth recovery.

Oct 20th │1:00pm

Living Legally in a COVID-19 World

Presented by Pace Law

It’s likely you’ve only considered speaking to a lawyer for your business when something has gone wrong, and you need some serious help. In a COVID-19 world, the legal risks of doing business have increased exponentially as entrepreneurs are doing everything they can to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of both the digital and real world marketplaces. This workshop will shed light on the legal risks lurking in the shadows and will empower you with several action items you likely need to take care of to live legally in a COVID-19 world.

Oct 20th │1:00pm

Secure my digital World: Cyber Security and Protection

Sandy Boucher & Thomas Turnbull | Grant Thornton LLP

Cybersecurity is a growing risk for all industries. Grant Thornton’s extensive cybersecurity work shows that the threats that organizations face and the true impact of a cyber-attack is not well understood by businesses in general. This event comprises a wealth of information on cybersecurity to address this gap, including:

  • The top cybersecurity risks facing Canadian businesses
  • Lessons from the front lines on how these risks can impact your organization
  • How to safeguard against security breaches and steps your organization can take to prepare your people, protect your critical information and infrastructure, and improve your cybersecurity
  • Common mistakes that Canadian businesses are making that leave them vulnerable to cyber-attack
  • Tips on how to make immediate changes that can significantly improve the security of your organization

Oct 20th │1:00pm

Industry Dynamics: Becoming a Strategist

Douglas Cole

This workshop is the first of a three-part series that teaches core competencies for those who seek to influence corporate buyers. “Industry Dynamics” focuses on how to link your product or service to the client’s competitive position, helping you sell to companies in a more strategic way.

Oct 21st │10:00am

Building a website as a nontechnical founder

Max Mirho, The EntrepreNerd

You used to need to know HTML, CSS and more to build a website, but now you can whip up something for free in under an hour. We’ll be going over a series of no-code website builders and how you can use them to start or power your business.

Oct 21st │10:00am

Growing with B Corp

Barriston Law. Busch Systems, Chickapea Pasta

Labour shortages, competitive markets and a push for improved company culture can leave any business looking for a better way to grow. Join Barriston Law, Busch Systems, and Chickapea pasta as they discuss how they’ve used their B Corp Certification to help with employee recruitment and retention, attracting a loyal customer base and developing their companies’ values.

Oct 21st │10:00am

The Future is Hybrid


Did you know: According to Zoom, Hybrid work led to improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion (compared to pre-pandemic levels). We’ve all heard the buzz about hybrid, but what does it actually mean for your business? Many people are unsure if a hybrid workforce is for them and are hoping to return back to office as soon as possible. However, workplace patterns have been trending towards hybrid before COVID-19 even started. Unlike the first lockdown, now we have time on our side to weigh out our options and find what works best for your business. Join Botree, a business advisory and training group, as we look at data driven solutions for your workplace. In this open and engaging workshop, we will be discussing the upcoming “Great Resignation”, teach you how to keep your employees invested, provide you with real examples from local businesses, and show how your business can thrive by adapting a hybrid model.

Oct 21st │11:00am

Level Up Your Live!

Jan Bailey

• Are you an engaging and dynamic presenter even when the camera comes on? • Do you genuinely connect with your audience on camera and in person? • Are you still ‘yourself’ if the spotlight is on you? Whether you’re looking for funding, hiring key talent or actively selling your product, you need your audience to be as passionate about your business as you are. Though the list of hats an entrepreneur must wear is long, ultimately, if you can’t educate and motivate your clients, your team or your investors, it is impossible to Xcelerate your business. “If you can’t communicate ad talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.” Warren Buffet

Oct 21st │11:00am

Customer Loyalty & Journey Mapping

Karen Hogg

In this session, we will use a simple to understand mapping framework to uncover current processes that may impede the success of your product or solutions. This will touch at a high-level on market research to give you an understanding of customer loyalty We will also create a customer/user experience map, highlighting areas that the problem statement is associated with and other pain points. Outcome:

  • A current state customer journey analysis
  • A framework for identifying user pain points
  • Homework after session: You will be asked to map out your customer/user journey.

Oct 21st │11:00am

Navigating the Future Labour Market

Barriston, BDC, BDO

As the economy roars back to life, it’s become clear that the past 18 months have fast-forwarded long-term disruption. From growing labour shortages and the rise of remote work, to the challenges of talent retention, and expansion of digital business; Canadian entrepreneurs will need to focus on innovation, inclusion and sustainability to maintain their growth amidst these changes. Join us to learn how to adapt to the labour shortage situation, and some best practices of corporate and automation strategy solutions.

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October 19-22, 2021

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