3 days / 30 Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 24-26
Thursday October 26th – 11:00AM – Georgian Downtown Location

Sven Hansen


AI tools for immediate growth: Uncover the AI-driven revolution from business concepts to advanced search. Transform your strategy!

Sven Hansen, a seasoned business leader with over a decade of experience, has consistently driven revenue growth for startups and brands through innovative strategies centered around automation, email campaigns, and emerging technologies. Educated in Business Administration Marketing from Georgian College, Sven’s accolades include multiple academic scholarships and medals in marketing competitions. His tenure as President & CEO of Always Bearded Lifestyle saw the creation of award-winning products and top-tier Shopify store rankings. Additionally, through his consultancy business, RoboBrawn, Sven aids businesses in harnessing AI to craft compelling content.

Beyond his professional milestones, Sven’s commitment to community and education is evident. He’s been recognized with the Community Entrepreneurship Medal by the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre and continues to advise Georgian College’s Business Entrepreneurship Program, ensuring it remains at the forefront of entrepreneurial trends. Join Sven as he explores the transformative power of AI tools for business growth.

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