4 Days / 30 Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 20-23

Trevor Howard

President | Media Suite Inc.

Trevor has been in web-development for over 15 years first managing a startup directory service then as founder and president of Media Suite Inc. With a background in Marketing his experience and expertise has allowed him to connect with businesses from all decree and help them navigate the right solutions for them online. With the belief that empowering businesses with a true understanding of how this mysterious process of web development works and making sense of truths behind the curtain of these complexities at a business and marketing level is where everyone ultimately wins.

Trevor’s Idea

Demystify the Website Development Process

In this talk we will empower business owners with the right questions to ask development agencies they are interviewing, review the pros and cons of DIY,  OpenSource frameworks and custom solutions. We will also help businesses identify what is important them in a website based on their target audience, type of business and goals. Furthermore we will explain process, how to be prepared, explain the various prices they will likely to receive, optimize budget and recognize the need for ancillary assets to build a truly successful website. Cap the talk by explaining that a website is not an advertising tool, it is a marketing machine and how to benefit from that understanding

Growth Stream



October 22nd

2:30pm & 3:00pm

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