3 Days / 40+ Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 19-22

Teena Sauve

Botree | Founder, Senior Advisor

Following an award-winning career spanning various industries, Teena Sauve (she/her) founded Botree to support organizations in reaching their inherent potential. Drawing from a rich and varied background in healthcare, product development, client relations, management, sales and marketing, Teena’s extensive experience lends a holistic approach to the expertise she provides in strategy, training and business development. With a commitment to professional development, Teena seeks every opportunity to expand her resources and is guided by her belief that cross-industry pollination is the driving force behind innovation.

Botree’s Idea

The Future is Hybrid

Did you know: According to Zoom, Hybrid work led to improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion (compared to pre-pandemic levels). We’ve all heard the buzz about hybrid, but what does it actually mean for your business? Many people are unsure if a hybrid workforce is for them and are hoping to return back to office as soon as possible. However, workplace patterns have been trending towards hybrid before COVID-19 even started. Unlike the first lockdown, now we have time on our side to weigh out our options and find what works best for your business. Join Botree, a business advisory and training group, as we look at data driven solutions for your workplace. In this open and engaging workshop, we will be discussing the upcoming “Great Resignation”, teach you how to keep your employees invested, provide you with real examples from local businesses, and show how your business can thrive by adapting a hybrid model.





Thursday, October 21st


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