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October 19-22

Rodrigo Hoffmann

JKR Agency

Rodrigo Hoffmann graduated in Advertising from Catholic University-PUCRS (Winner of Marcelino Champagnat Prize). Is a founding partner of JKR, a digital marketing agency operating in Brazil, the United States and Canada, which has cases with Philips, Budweiser, Dell, Stella Artois, among other brands. JKR delivers daily content to thousands of people and has already executed projects for international entities such as FIFA, Unicef, Rorion Gracie, FC Barcelona and more. JKR won ADVB/Brazil Top Marketing Award 2019. Young Entrepreneur Award-AJEPOA/Brazil – 2018.

JKR Agency’s Idea:

How big brands create their digital strategies

We are JKR Agency, a digital marketing agency which services big brands and global celebrities for over 10 years and now we are in Canada! Our agency has delivered communication campaigns for over 90 million people in 190 countries. We are excited to share some of the learnings with you, creative cases, methodologies and ways of caring for your digital strategy today and beyond.

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