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October 19-22

Robert D. Stewart

Founder, CEO & Head of Cyber Event Management | White Tuque

Over the past decade working in the global financial sector working within Major Incident Management, Global Crisis Management and Cyber Threat Intelligence, Rob has developed a passion for problem-solving, communication and enablement during the worst times an organization can face and with a focus on opportunity and continuous improvement.

An adaptable leader specializing in coordination and management of resources during high-stress and highly visible engagements in sensitive and regulated industries. Specialized in minimizing and containing customer and business impacts and protecting critical assets and functions on a global scale.

After 8 months of preparations, in September of 2021 Robert launched White Tuque.  White Tuque’s mission is to give companies a trusted partner and a framework of best practices for cyber defence.  Now, SMBs have access to a battle-tested and crisis-proven team of Canada’s leading cyber-security experts. White Tuque has made this level of protection affordable by condensing simple and repeatable tactics into a digestible and scalable format for organizations. These tactics are the backbone of what is currently protecting the financial industry, the gaming industry, and even the Department of Defence. And now, they’re available to any business.

Robert’s Idea:

You Will be Hacked: Not if, but when.

Understanding your cyber risk and how attacks happen, is the first step in mitigating that risk and protecting your critical assets.  In this business targeted threat briefing, White Tuque founder Robert D Stewart speaks to the simple methods used by cyber criminals and how businesses can begin to defend themselves from attacks.

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