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October 23-24

Paul Larche

President, Larche Communications Inc.

Paul’s Idea

Human Behaviour in Branding

In this age of disruption, the only way to become a meaningful brand and rise above all the digital noise in the world is to know and understand the customer’s deepest self-interests and then to anchor your marketing strategies in this knowledge. People believe they control their decisions, but neuroscience and behavioural economics research proves that there is much more at play.  When making decisions, humans are mostly driven by primal emotions. In branding, you must understand that there is something deeper going on at a subconscious level. In Larche’s Human Behaviour in Branding presentation, you will take a deep dive into how the brain works with discussions on evolution, emotion, neuroscience, behavioural economics, personality traits, bias and more. You will also learn how to apply this knowledge in your branding efforts.

Pre-Conference Workshop

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Pre-Conference Workshop

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