4 Days / 30 Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 20-23

Monique Bryan

Monique has a BA in fashion design, three startups under her belt (so she knows a bit about entrepreneur life) and has developed programming in partnership with companies throughout Asia and exciting global brands like PayPal, Burberry, Toms Shoes and Shopify. Bringing over 15 years of top-level industry experience in the areas of product development, entrepreneurship, branding, business development, and personal styling today, today Monique runs a successful personal brand consultancy while being a brand herself. When you work with her, you’re getting a creative director for your brand. She will train you on how to clarify your messaging, build your unique brand personality and up-level your style profile so you can amplify your credibility in your industry and use your personal brand as a visual communication power tool.

Monique is a breast cancer survivor and has grown an engaged community of over 15,700+ people on social media, while in remission. She is also the host of a 5 Star rated Podcast, The Juicy CEO, speaks on international stages and has been featured on Global television, in Entrepreneur and Elle Magazine, Bustle, and countless podcasts.

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