4 Days / 30 Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 20-23

Monique Bryan

Personal Branding

Monique has a BA in fashion design, three startups under her belt (so she knows a bit about entrepreneur life) and has developed programming in partnership with companies throughout Asia and exciting global brands like PayPal, Burberry, and Toms Shoes. Bringing over 15 years of top-level industry experience in the areas of product development, fashion, branding, business development, and personal styling today Monique runs a brand consultancy showing business owners how to use their personal brand as a visual communication power tool. Monique shows women how to clarify their messaging, build their unique brand personality and up-level their style profile so they can amplify their credibility in their industry. Monique is a breast cancer survivor and has grown an engaged community of over 14,000+ people on social media, while in remission. She speaks on international stages and has been featured on Global television, in Entrepreneur magazine, Bustle, She does the city, Lori Harder’s Earn Your Happy podcast and others.   Today Monique runs a branding consultancy under and is the creator of Juicy Brand On-Demand 8-week accelerator helping entrepreneurs craft their story and visual identity to stand out from their competition.   Her motto is, “Our personal brand is all we have, so it better be juicy and delicious or don’t bother!”

Monique’s Idea

Cleaning Up Your Digital House

Monique’s Xpert Class supports injecting personality into your brand, juicy word play, and will dive into Instagram and the most important part – your bio, and dig deep and provide things to do tomorrow.

Xpert Class

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Xpert Class

October 22nd


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