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October 19-22

Michèle Newton

Speaker. Expert. Advocate.

Michèle Newton is a renowned communicator turned speaker, advocate and educational consultant, driving inclusion and belonging. Building inclusion from a bi-racial perspective, Michèle’s bold, forward-thinking approach provides audiences with a new lens on inclusion and diversity.

A social changemaker, Michèle created Our Mosaic Lives™  – a passion project celebrating Black Canadian Women, launched Community Conversations – a diversity and inclusion interview series, co-founded Making Change – a non-profit organization focused on awareness, education and exposure to Black people, Black culture and issues around anti-Black racism; and contributes a monthly Diversity and Inclusion Opinion column to Simcoe.com.

Spreading inspiration far beyond her local community, Michèle remains a social entrepreneur passionate about empowering equitable leadership and fostering dynamic conversations.

Michèle’s Idea:

The Key to Inclusion; my Personal Journey

Spearheading the “Fit Out” movement by sharing her Black-lived experience, Michèle Newton is an inspirational catalyst for building equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Michèle’s lifetime of experiences as a bi-racial woman led her to feel unheard and out of place in her own skin. Finding strength in her individuality, Michèle adopted a “better together” philosophy, bringing to light the need for inclusion and belonging for all.

Fueling change through hope, her dynamic and passionate keynote shifts mindsets, inspires acceptance and lays out a roadmap to action.

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