3 days / 50+ speakers

October 25th – 27th, 2022
Innovating Your Talent Strategy Panelist

Michael Agema

Michael Agema is the Founder & CEO of AGEMA Work. Since 2015, AGEMA Work has evolved the ever changing technology world with its revolutionary approach to staff fulfillment in the services industry via the AGEMA Work Dashboard and mobile app. Over 30,000 shifts have been filled through the Agema Work platform. Recently, AGEMA Work introduced the AGEMA Work 2.2 App, which empowers users to apply to various work opportunities, access training tutorials, get work tips and much more. Michael has 35+ years of leadership experience as an professor, hospitality manager, corporate trainer, and tourism advocate. Michael has also worked in international education and helped develop global partnerships, improve international relations, and enhance student exchange programs.  Michael has spoken at several events, at a regional and provincial level, discussing innovative strategies to address the labour challenge in the services industry. Michael was the recipient on the 2021 Mayor’s Innovation Awards for Community Impact and the 2020 Henry Bernick Medal Awards for Community Entrepreneur Michael earned an MA in Leadership and Training for Royal Roads University

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