3 Days / 40+ Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 19-22

Karen Hogg

Fractional VP Customer Success | Growth Strategist

Helping customer-facing teams deliver value across the entire customer journey. Leveraging a framework of people, process, tools and culture I combine strategy and action, and deliver results! My B2B software career spans SaaS startups, scale-ups and global multi-nationals in often complex or ambiguous environments – high growth, M&A, IPO. “As a master of weighing alternatives, you switch priorities to take advantage of opportunities. You are most effective when defining goals and tackling priorities head on. You come up with practical solutions that have bottom-line impact. You instinctively cut through complexities so they become manageable options.” – Kolbe A Results (The Strategic Coach)

Karen’s Idea

Customer Loyalty and Journey Mapping

In this session, we will use a simple to understand mapping framework to uncover current processes that may impede the success of your product or solutions. This will touch at a high-level on market research to give you an understanding of customer loyalty We will also create a customer/user experience map, highlighting areas that the problem statement is associated with and other pain points. Outcome:

  • A current state customer journey analysis
  • A framework for identifying user pain points
  • Homework after session: You will be asked to map out your customer/user journey.





Thursday, October 21st


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