3 Days / 40+ Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 19-22

Karen Collacutt

Triad Group of Companies | Managing Partner

Speaker, trainer and coach, Karen Collacutt (aka KC) brings two decades of finance and business experience to the table. She is a connector of people, ideas and systems and motivates leaders to create the foundations to support their businesses. Karen guides people to shift how they think about themselves in a deep and generous way. Expect clear communication and a liberal dose of wisdom, Karen speaks with unrivaled passion and authority. She has a masterful understanding of the challenges and opportunities for businesses.

Triad Group of Companies’ Idea

How to Increase Resilience Through Connection

Join the creators of Triad Group of Companies and The Big Blue Door Virtual Workspace to learn how an experiment in interdependence and intuition has resulted in personal and business growth. Your client’s love you and you love them. You have colleagues you respect and a mentor or coach that you trust. You feel connected in many ways, after all, your ability to connect is a clear factor in your success over the years since you were a start up. Now, it is time to change things up. You want to grow and not sure you can take on anymore ‘new’ or ‘time saving’ changes. When people have reached the edges of their resilience, it is common to find ways to isolate and recuperate. Instead, it is time to connect, in new and more creative ways. It is time to release some of the thinking that has driven your success so far. In this workshop, you will discover:

  • How independence is your gateway to inter-dependence
  • Which success habits to keep, add, and toss during your growth phase
  • How to embrace flexibility through boundaries
  • How Triad uses their ‘Piece of Cake’ policy to form an amazing team



Triad Group of Companies’


Wednesday, October 20th

11:00 am

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