4 Days / 30 Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 20-23

Truth Before Reconciliation: A Discussion

Pop-up Talk & Land Acknowledgement

  • What reconciliation is
  • Why it is important
  • Practical tools to start your journey

Journey Into Truth’s Land Acknowledgement   Journey into Truth is an educational service focusing on telling the truth about the history of Canada through an Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspective while supporting people on their reconciliation journey in life or work.   By including Land Acknowledgements as a regular practice, a deeper understanding can be fostered in regards to the current and historical context of the relationship Indigenous Peoples had and continue to have with the land. They also provide the opportunity for you to reflect on your own relationship with the land. It can also highlight you and your organizations position in the movement towards decolonization and reconciliation.   Land acknowledgements are not the end of the conversation but the beginning of a much larger one. They are a starting place to explore additional meaningful decolonization practices/actions.

Pop-up Talk


Meet the Speakers

Caycee Masters

Caycee Masters is a non-Indigenous woman who grew up on a farm in Ontario. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Guelph and a diploma in the Indigenous Community and Social Development Program at Georgian College. She has a passion for learning about other cultures and values personal growth and development, by practicing First Nations traditional teachings. Caycee believes that true growth occurs the moment you decide to step outside of your comfort zone. She is excited to continue working with her colleague Meagan Lortie, on their Truth and Reconciliation training, as a way of encouraging participants to identify and learn what their role can be within the reconciliation journey, and how they can put it into action.
Meagan Lortie

Meagan Lortie is an Anishinaabe woman who grew up in Barrie. She is a graduate of the Indigenous Community and Social Development Program at Georgian College and holds a B.A. in the Childhood and Social Institutions Program at Western University. Meagan is an advocate for truth, reconciliation and decolonization. She strongly believes the best way to move towards a sustainable and just future it to encourage accountability, understanding, and empathy. She devotes her free time to exploring her culture, ancestry, and identity. Meagan and her colleague Caycee developed this workshop in order to help others learn about the effects of colonialism on First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities. It is her hope that through this work people living in Canada can learn the truth about Canadian history and work towards a decolonized future.

Pop-up Talk

Truth Before Reconciliaton

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