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October 19-22

Jess Khouri

Jess Khouri (@jessicamkhouri) is professor, PR pro, small business owner, best-selling author, and Thought Leadership Partner at the feminist strategy firm With Chela Inc. (@withchela). As a small business owner, and graduate degree holder in women’s and gender studies, Jess helps entrepreneurs, small businesses, and organizations bring intersectional feminism into the work they’re doing so they can create inclusive, anti-oppressive, and changemaking offerings and services. At With Chela Inc. they work with smaller towns and rural communities to create meaningful change and inclusive communities, particularly where women can thrive, and with individual women in those communities to elevate their leadership, personal brands, and changemaking capacity. Jess specifically works on building feminist thought leadership in the small town and business space, and heads up the marketing and PR department. Jess right now offers 1:1 feminist marketing, copywriting, thought leadership, and customized strategy work.

Jess’ Idea:

Building a Feminist Business

Can you build a business that’s feminist? You bet! And I’ll show you how. Businesses can and should make money AND make change. In this pop-up talk, I’m going to take you through some principles of intersectional feminism and show you the 5 key areas in your business where you can start implementing them.

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