3 days / 50+ speakers

October 25th – 27th, 2022
EQ for Entrepreneurship

Jenn Walker

Business is simple, yet not easy. Researching, planning and implementing a winning strategy is the simple part, but what do you do when your favourite employee leaves, a lawsuit gets served, your relationship deteriorates, or you have a health scare? In this session we dive into how to become unshakable in times of stress, becoming the calm amongst any storm, mastering the “not-so-easy” parts of business with emotional intelligence for entrepreneurship.

Jenn Walker has kayaked with Monkeys in Thailand, sailed the Nile in Egypt, summited Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, jumped out of a plane twice, and completed a 50-mile UltraMarathon once just to see if she could.   That exuberance for life extends to her business where she helps heart-centered entrepreneurs tap into their limitless power and potential so that they can make the impact that they are meant to make in our World.   A high-energy perspective shifter with unwavering positivity, Jenn’s philosophy is that business is a vehicle for massive personal growth and social change.   Whether it be at a workshop or an event, Jenn leaves the group inspired, motivated, and armed with tangible actionable tools to take and apply right away.

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