3 Days / 40+ Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 19-22

Jan Bailey

Out of the Box Trainer & Speaking Coach

With a 25-year career in broadcasting, acting, and adult education, Jan is a highly experienced speaker and facilitator who has designed and delivered hundreds of workshops on public speaking, stage presence, on-camera presentations, and communication. She has extensive on-camera experience as a television host and actor and is one of those people who actually loves speaking in front of others. Jan helps professionals and clients as far flung as the Middle East level up their communications skills, and it never fails to amaze and impress her when people embrace the power of speaking to expand their personal and professional horizons. Jan holds a Master of Adult Education and Training degree and admits to a dream of helping people pave the path to whatever stage calls to them.

Jan’s Idea:

Level Up Your Live

• Are you an engaging and dynamic presenter even when the camera comes on? • Do you genuinely connect with your audience on camera and in person? • Are you still ‘yourself’ if the spotlight is on you? Whether you’re looking for funding, hiring key talent or actively selling your product, you need your audience to be as passionate about your business as you are. Though the list of hats an entrepreneur must wear is long, ultimately, if you can’t educate and motivate your clients, your team or your investors, it is impossible to Xcelerate your business. “If you can’t communicate ad talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.” Warren Buffet





Wednesday, October 20th

11:00 am

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