4 Days / 30 Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 20-23

AI Workshop

Gold Rush

Investing in Artificial Intelligence Opportunities

Every investment pitch we look at has some reference to using artificial intelligence, machine learning and / or big data to deliver or improve upon the delivery of a product or service. As investors, how can we cut through the hype to understand what is possible today and how can we do our due diligence on these issues. GAN delivers this 3-hour workshop:

  • Introduction to the gold rush
    • What is AI, deep learning, big data, neural networks, supervised vs unsupervised, etc.
    • The main forms of AI:
      • Visual – Pattern recognition (ex. Facial recognition)
      • Audio – Natural language processing and sentiment analysis
      • If, then programming – Decision tree (neural networks) processing
    • Who are the big players in the world?
    • What are the most valuable use cases?
  • The players:
  • Picks and shovels sold to miners (Software tools to help developers design and code AI applications)
  • Prospectors (The developers of AI software to be sold to users in various verticals)
  • Gold miners (These are the specific use cases that businesses have that take the software and apply to their specific situation. Business case is either to reduce costs or enhance customer experience)
  • Panel discussion on due diligence issues for angel investors followed by Q&A

Meet The Speakers

Jerome Solis

Element AI

Jerome Solis is a Product Manager at Element AI. In this role, he is dedicated to the success and ongoing development of Element AI Knowledge Scout, a decision-support product which leverages AI to facilitate business decisions that rely on finding information and generating insights from enterprise data across disparate sources. Jerome holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnique Montreal. Prior to joining Element AI, he worked in the energy sector driving the development of weather forecasting products, followed with consulting for a firm leading in energy and transportation activities across Canada and the US.

Michael Badham

Georgian Angel Network

Michael is the Managing Director of the Georgian Angel Network, a not-for-profit organization whose members make angel investments in businesses seeking capital to commercialize and scale their transformational innovations. In his role, Michael reviews applications, recommends the best opportunities to present to members and coordinates the investment review and closing process. Michael is also the part-time Executive Director of the International Institute of Business Valuers, a not-for-profit organization that develops and delivers quality professional business valuation education globally. Michael is an accomplished senior executive, with over 40 years of successes leading transactions in a wide range of sectors, including professional education, finance, steel, IT staffing, multi-media, entertainment, utilities, nuclear energy, aerospace, trucking, logistics, and online education. His broad areas of expertise include corporate finance; business and equity valuation; strategic planning; forecasting; due diligence; M&A; restructuring; executive training; and e-learning. He is also a founding shareholder of Hardwood Ski and Bike Inc. and a member of the Board of Directors of Dynasty Ventures Inc.

Benton Leong

Archangel Network of Funds

Benton Leong is a general partner of the Archangel Network of Funds.  Archangel invests in Canadian innovation that will improve the lives of people throughout the world. Benton is also an angel investor in the Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN), located in Waterloo.  GTAN has provided funding to over 90 early stage companies.  He is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded four companies, including Radical Flow and Maplesoft. Benton has been a mentor for many new ventures.  More generally, he helps companies find the right partners for business development.  He also coaches on pitching successfully to investors. He is a frequent speaker at universities and communities around the world, speaking about finding promising investment opportunities, being effective investors, supporting entrepreneurship, and building startup ecosystems.

Vanmala Subramaniam

Reporter, The Logic

Vanmala Subramaniam is a business reporter with The Logic, focusing on Canada’s tech sector and innovation economy. A business journalist with over a decade of reporting across Canadian media, she joins us from the Financial Post, where she covered the cannabis industry. As the Post’s cannabis reporter she investigated and broke stories on the biggest names in legal cannabis, establishing herself as a must-read for anybody with a stake in the nascent industry. Prior to that she led Vice Canada’s Money vertical, where her areas of coverage included the housing market. She began her career as a television producer at the CBC, working on various business and current affairs programs including The Fifth Estate. She has travelled the world producing investigative documentaries, including one from the ground in Indonesia on the wrongful conviction of Canadian teacher Neil Bantleman which was instrumental in securing Bantleman’s freedom.

Joe Chin

CEO 7 Founder, Sparrow

Joe Chin is a serial entrepreneur, with over 15 years of experience in tech companies, he has had 2 successful exits and raised over $20 million from investors. He started his career as a rocket scientist designing satellites. Joe played D1 football at Columbia University and received his MS at UC Berkeley. Joe is currently the founder and CEO of Sparrow, a start-up that uses AI to help athletes improve.



October 20th

1:00pm – 4:00pm

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