4 Days / 30 Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 20-23

Deborah Foster-Stahle

President | OfficeInc! Corp.

In 2017, CorporateMuse! Deborah Foster-Stahle founded OfficeInc! Corp., an office suites and meeting facility in Barrie, and its Food Opportunities Resource Kitchen, which serves as an incubator for foodpreneurs. She has just co-authored and released her first book, a cookbook called #Yum! Deborah recently retired as executive director of BNI Ontario Central North, a regional franchise offering the BNI referral marketing program, where she supported the success of 2,500+ local entrepreneurs over the last dozen years. She’s passionate about sharing knowledge and ideas with others on topics such as co-opetition, creativity, teamwork, and community economic development, having presented to audiences from around the globe and around the corner. Her views on leadership and networking have been featured in national and local newspapers such as Globe & Mail and Huronia Business Times, and she’s appeared on radio and TV talk shows: Your Business, Georgian Bay Life and Daytime. Deborah’s background includes a degree focused in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and over three decades of consulting, management and marketing experience in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.  She, her husband Kurt, and their sweet love-on-four-legs Great Dane, Koko, live in snow country, near Horseshoe Valley.  

Deborah’s Idea

Co-opetition: Partnering with peers for success

In today’s tumultuous economy, competitors are better off viewing one another as neighbours and co-operating wherever possible. Hence, the term: Co-opetition! During this session, Deborah will share stories of co-opetition, explore the conditions necessary for competitors to work together effectively, and help attendees discover areas in their business where collaborating with industry peers can bring win-win advantages to all parties.

Pop-up Talk


Pop-Up Talk

October 22nd

4:30pm to 4:45pm

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