3 days / 35 speakers

October 24th-26th, 2023
Quench Buggy

Darryl Hindle

Darryl Hindle is the Owner of Quench Buggy and FestEquip which rent and distribute water stations for events and municipalities across North America. These products and services are geared towards reducing waste and adding promotional tools.

Before staring these businesses Darryl was involved in different aspects of Industrial and Mechanical engineering with Automotive companies such as Chrysler, Magna and Manac as well as helping run the family rental business. Through the two current companies Darryl operates, over 175 festivals and events each year are able to provide free access to drinking water at events from Concert and festivals to sporting event.

When not working, Darryl volunteers with Economic Development, Community Futures, minor hockey and minor lacrosse as well as enjoying family time and anything outdoors.

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