3 Days / 40+ Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 19-22

Dana Kaluzny

Project Management Educator & Social Justice Advocate

Dana Kaluzny, BA, PMP (she/her).is a Project Management Educator, Facilitator and Social Justice Advocate. She is the Founder of Social Impact Projects: group projects that are pleasurable (and not a pain in the ass!). Bringing people together for projects that matter. She  facilitates learning adventures with project teams and organizations who want to have a good time while integrating a different project management approach with a social justice lens. We get work done, centering joyful, purposeful relationships between people.

Dana’s Idea:

Collaboration and Consultation: Disrupt the Script.

How do we use a collaborative process to do projects differently and better? Project managers care about plans. And if you are a person that gets things done while working as part of a team, you are (already) a project manager! And many of us — I continue to practice unlearning this — often go into conversations with someone else who has a plan already in mind, or we do this to others. With good intentions of working with others to achieve that plan. We need to disrupt this script. By simply doing things the way they’ve always been done — which may include continuing the cycle of white supremacy culture — we rob ourselves and the people in our communities of transformational experiences. It leaves no room to be creative. This presentation is for people who want to get curious, think critically and cut the bullshit when it comes to how we show up in relationships with people. And who are willing to disrupt the script in their ongoing practices to achieve that.

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