3 days / 50+ speakers

October 25th – 27th, 2022
The Human Side

Chris Cummins

Watching Chris combine personal stories of adversity and human perseverance with intelligent humour, character voices, beat-boxing (sometimes), and high-level business strategy, all in the same presentation, you’ll be thrilled that you were part of this keynote session of Xcelerate Summit.

Business is about creating mutually successful relationships. When you treat people well, they remember it. And that makes business & life easier. (The opposite of that is also true.)

The more time you invest in helping, and connecting with, real human beings, the more interesting & enriching your journey will be.

During this keynote, Chris delivers techniques on how to give value first to earn more opportunities, how to build good business relationships and how to deepen them.

And, fun fact in case you read this far, this was written by Chris, in 3rd person because apparently session descriptions should be written in 3rd person. No AI help.  So if it is imperfect, that’s ok. It’s human.

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