3 days / 50+ speakers

October 25th – 27th, 2022


Bureh is a Sierra Leonean-Canadian guitarist, composer, and producer with a strong desire to share with others the infectious joy and emotion that music and life bring him. As a music lover first, Bureh appreciates and draws inspiration from almost every genre but his sound is most influenced by jazz, gospel, punk rock, hip-hop, contemporary Christian music, and several subgenres of African music. Specifically, Bureh cites Gilad Hekselman, Kurt Rosenwinkel, John Mayer, and Isaiah Sharkey as a few of many guitarists that have influenced his playing and composing.

As a recent graduate of York University’s Bachelor of Music program with a specialization in jazz guitar, Bureh has formed his own jazz quartet known as Bureh Bk & The Shop. The ensemble’s sound is groove-based built on a foundation of jazz with space for improvisation. Bureh’s compositions blend simple melodies and harmonies with complex rhythmic concepts or vice versa. Bureh endeavors to make his music accessible and enjoyable for all his listeners. Bureh also serves as a musician at All Nations Full Gospel Church in Toronto. There, he has had the opportunity to become competent in various styles of music (gospel, rock, reggae, r&b, and high life) He has also traveled around Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta to perform with the Church.

With a new-found love of production music, Bureh achieved his first placement on Afro-global’s tv show “Love n You” in September 2020 providing the background music and the intro theme for the show. During 2021, Bureh recorded his debut EP “Forward Motion” with his quartet and released it on March 4th 2022.

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