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October 19-22

Andreea Campobasso

Principal Secretary, Office of the Mayor, City of Barrie

Andreea spent most of her professional life as an entrepreneur. At 28, she started her own advertising and marketing agency working with major sporting and cultural events across North America. This foundational work allowed her to successfully build and lead the national expansion of an innovative real-estate technology company, as well as serve as a strategic advisor and coach to a wide array of companies from start-up to multi-national. Andreea’s area of expertise is strategy, with a focus on growth strategy as well as brand strategy and brand management. Most recently, Andreea has brought her experience and passion to her community in her role as Principal Secretary to the Mayor, as well as in an advisory capacity to non-profit organizations that she supports. In her current role she steers key strategic initiatives such as The Shift_Government Project, the Barrie Health Accord, and Ontario’s Big City Mayors caucus, as well as advising on key files held within the Office of the Mayor. Andreea graduated from York University with a Specialized BA with Honours in English Literature, has studied Design Thinking at MIT, and holds an mMBA in Brand Management.

Andreea’s Idea:

Somebody has to say it.

Strategy, brand and execution, back to the basic blueprint. A series of no nonsense tidbits that you can run with and apply as soon as you get back at it, whether you are a startup entrepreneur, a business owner, a CEO or manager.

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