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October 23-24
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City of Barrie

Innovation Awards

Winners of the City of Barrie’s Mayor’s Innovation Awards will be announced at 2019’s Xcelerate Summit kick-off.

Do you know somebody in Barrie who’s bringing innovation to work? Nominate them below. Winners will be announced at the Xcelerate Summit on October 23, 2019.

Annual Awards Recognizes Innovation in the City

Innovation is the engine that drives growth for our businesses and economy. Organizations across Barrie are competing globally and being recognized around the world for their innovative processes, products, and services. Help us recognize their success and leadership! Nominations close Friday, June 28, 2019.

Click on a category below to get started:

Startup Innovation Award

This is your chance to recognize a new Barrie-based venture that’s achieved a huge milestone through an innovative (aka genius) product or service.

Innovative Business Award

Geared to established companies who are determined to grow! Nominations open to any Barrie business who is using a new technology, process, partnership, or business model to increase their overall footprint.

Innovative Institution Award

Know a public institution who’s pushing the envelope? Shattering stereotypes in a traditional field? They may be long-established, but they’re embracing innovation across the board – with awesome results.

Shift Disturber Award

They’re bold, ambitious, and tackle challenges head-on. They have a vision, and are moving mountains to make it happen. Recognize a person who’s changing the game, in business and community today.

Innovative Non-profit/Social Venture Award

Designed for the ‘do-gooder’ organizations with a big heart and creative mindset. Nominate them for a break-through program, resource or tool today.

2018 Winners

These awards recognize Barrie organizations and individuals who have embraced creative problem solving and made an impact in their community, industry, or organization. Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 awards:


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