2 days / 15 talks

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January 25-27
Liz Beattie

Beattie’s Distillers

Liz and her husband Ken are the Founders of Beattie’s Distillers, having came up with the bold and audacious idea of building a craft distillery on their farmland after a visit to PEI in 2013 where they saw a craft potato vodka being made on a PEI potato farm.

Liz assumes the important role of Chief Operating Officer of the new business, with her duties including – but not limited to – overseeing the financial management, managing the Distilling and Operations scheduling and chairing all Board Meetings.

Such is her passion and commitment to the business, Liz is often seen at trade and consumer shows sampling members of the public with her vodka, telling fine stores of the Farm the vodka is distilled at. And her efforts are with great reward, as after 4 years of working hard, Beattie’s Farm Crafted Vodka is the Number one selling Premium Vodka produced by an Ontario distiller AND was recently voted the WORLDS BEST VODKA at the Worlds Beverage Competition 2018!!

Liz is rarely seen without a smile on her face, and a glass in her hand! Maybe the two are related, but the reality is, Liz is a true passionate champion of the emerging craft distilling industry in Ontario, and is too humble to tell you the scale and positive impact Beattie’s Farm Crafted vodka has had on the vodka category.

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