3 days / 30 Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 24-26
Thursday October 26th – 11:00AM – Georgian Downtown Location

Karen Kessler

Big Blue Door for Entrepreneurs

Qualify and choose great clients > Find your confidence even as you earn it > Feel authentic through the whole sales cycle. All of these things are possible and the key to unlock them is wrapping your head around HOW people decide to buy. In this learning session, Karen will layout the buyer’s internal process and how to honour and facilitate the completion of their process for sales that stick without the ‘ick’. Karen will open up her C.O.R.A. Authentic Sales Process and review each step and how they keep you championing the win/win for your business and your potential clients all the way. Meet people where they are and feel confident in a service-based sales perspective with a higher close rate and virtually zero objections. You can love sales

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