3 days / 30 Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 24-26
Thursday October 26th – 11:00AM – Georgian Downtown Location

Jess Kotz

Web Conductors

Meet Jess Kotzer, the no-nonsense Digital Marketing Manager at the iconic Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse and now a vetted advisor for CDAP at Web Conductors. Here’s the twist – Jess isn’t just about marketing; she’s a pro at crafting captivating customer journeys, paths of interactions individuals have with your brand that turn strangers into lifetime fans. In a world where everyone’s vying for the “#1” spot, Jess champions a different approach: guiding businesses on how to tell brand stories that resonate. With a track record of growing email lists to 100K, doubling profits while halving ad spend, and launching conferences that draw 1000+ attendees for unknown brands, Jess is all about practical results.

Ready to transform your storytelling game? Join Jess Kotzer at the panel and discover how to be the guide, not just another self-proclaimed expert, in your customers’ life.

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