3 days / 30 Expert and Inspiring Speakers

October 24-26
Ovation Communication

Jan Bailey

Before the Xceleration; The Official Open of Xcelerate Summit:
  • Set the Tone
  • Set Expectations
  • Set off on the right foot

Whatever you call it, how you go in to an event often determines what you will take from it. Join Speaker Trainer, former On-camera host and tv broadcaster, Jan Bailey, for a fun, dynamic and occasionally silly, 30 minute session that will help you set the stage to get the most from Xcelerate.

With a 25-year career in broadcasting, acting, and adult education, Jan is a dynamic speaker and facilitator and genuinely believes public speaking can be fun. Though the ride has had its twists and turns, Jan’s career has always orbited around communication. She delights in creating custom, entertaining sessions that create aha moments and build skills. Always impressed when people embrace the power of speaking and level up their communications skills to expand personal and professional horizons – Jan is keen to help everyone level up their communication confidence.

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