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10 October 2017

Three Keys Things to Consider When Future-Proofing Your Business

The World Economic Forum states that we have now entered the 4th Industrial Revolution; one where life as we know it will change more significantly in a shorter time than we as the Human Race have ever experienced. What this means is that regardless of the technology we integrate, and the speed we adopt it, […]

27 September 2017

Just Announced: TELUS Pitch Contest!

Is your elevator pitch worth $100,000? Enter the TELUS Pitch Contest – the largest small business contest in Canada. Participants of Xcelerate Summit will have a chance to share their elevator pitch with TELUS on Thursday October 26th for a chance to win $2,500 in products and services, and to also be included in the […]

10 August 2017

3 Ways Startup Thinking Makes You a Better Marketer

Building a startup can often seem like a constant battle between David and Goliath – big companies have bigger budgets, more resources, and existing market share, and trying to go up against them can seem insurmountable. But startups have an innate advantage over large companies because they’re nimble, fast-moving, and willing to take risks. If […]

21 July 2017

Because it is 2017!

Things are a changin’ … Social Media is how employers and employees are finding jobs and people! You need to know where your prospective employees are looking. Indeed, seems to a big one!  There are others, but this is one that is dominating the market. The days of posting expensive ads are over. Many ads […]

02 December 2016

Photos of Xcelerate Summit 2016

Scroll through the gallery of photos from Xcelerate Summit 2016! If you have additional photos you wish to share, please submit them here!

01 December 2016

Celebrating the Close of Xcelerate Summit 2016

The community partners of Xcelerate Summit once again thank all of the dedicated sponsors who supported Xcelerate Summit 2016! Through in kind and monetary sponsorship, Xcelerate Summit was a huge success which saw a number of attendees engaging in new techniques and findings within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Highlights from 2016: Innovation Alley – Attendees of […]

13 October 2016

DISORDAT: Consensus is great – when you can find it.

When faced with a competing priorities, limited resources, and trade-offs, finding a solution that everyone can live with is often the best possible outcome. It might not be everyone’s first choice – in fact, it might not be anyone’s first choice – but it’s the best compromise solution for everyone involved. A simple example of […]

09 September 2016

Introducing Xcelerate Summit!

Save the Date! This year, the founding partners of Barrie Business Week bring you: Xcelerate Summit 2016! Building upon the success of previous years, the summit will offer an array of valuable keynotes, panels, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to ready your business for the future.  Plus, we’re expanding our reach outside of Barrie in […]